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Starpool – Living In Transition – Download


Starpools’ First Full-Length Album featuring:

  1. Part of It
  2. Ready or Not
  3. Pump it Up (Remixed, Remastered)
  4. Start Again (Remixed, Remastered)
  5. Work It Out
  6. La Luna
  7. Give Me Your Love
  8. Don’t Know What I Want
  9. Falling Down
  10. Living In Transition

Additional Information:
Release Year: 2010
Recorded and Mixed by: Craig Nepp
Produced by Starpool and Craig Nepp
Recorded at Hyperion Studios, Bullets and Octane Studios
Mastered by Capitol Records

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  1. You should ltsien Washed Out . A very cool band. “Excited to announce we’re coming to a city near you! Washed Out Spring 2012 Tour starts on April 16th in Chapel Hill, and tickets are on sale now. See you soon!”

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